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Earth Infra Group is dedicated to retain the privacy and accuracy of information that has been provided on this website. All information which are provided with the entire information of owner and appropriate measures have been taken to make sure that user's information are not misused, unintentionally destroyed or lost within the environment of Earth Infra Group. The information we get is purely to determine our site traffic or regular communications with you Although, care has been taken in the production of information on this website, Earth Infra Group will not be responsible and accept any liability for loss incurred in anyway whatsoever, by any person who may seek to rely on the information contained herein.

By retrieving any content of website of Earth Infra Group, users are supposed to be bound by the terms of use set out below. The content and design of the website are the exclusive property of Earth Infra Group. No person can use or reproduce or allow any other to use or reproduce any image or logo (such as the name) for any reason without prior written consent from Earth Infra management. Users cannot retrieve and display the content available on this website for personal, commercial and non-commercial purpose, or cannot reproduce, modify or in any way to make commercial use of the content. Any use of the content of this website without prior written permission is explicitly prohibited. Earth Infra Group, with its sole discretion, can suspend, change, modify, add or remove portions of the information available in this website at any time and reserves the right to restrict the use and accessibility of the website, in its sole discretion, can change these 'Terms of use' without any prior notice.

Earth Infra Group's privacy policies are subject to change at any time or in future. If there are material changes to any of these privacy policies, we will provide necessary information for those changes and update the effective date of this policy. The policies and procedures described herein replace all previous policies and procedures regarding this subject.


All contents and information linked on web pages are sole responsibility of the owner who has chosen to make information publicly available on the web. all information provided on this website from the source of earth infra group. these pages and the opinions or information contained within are the creation of concerned company. these pages may not be copied in part or full without express prior written permission from earthinfra group. all violations will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. the specifications and plans used in website are tentative and are subject to change any prior notice. some used images are conceptual, not actual. project pictures. location maps, floor plans and project layout are not to be scaled.